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A Gift for the Elect

A Gift for the Elect

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            Many can quote John 3:16, but fall short of understanding the gift of The Son. Most forget or ignore what God the Father commanded His Son Jesus to endure for the past and present sins of all mankind. The purpose was for all would have the opportunity to spend eternity with Him in the heavenly high places. God’s alternative to this was and is to have given Jesus all authority to judge mans final and eternal destination, His glorious kingdom or the pits of hell. Jesus say’s in  Matthew 7.13-14 about many who will enter the wide and broad gate to destruction (hell) and few will enter the narrow gate to life in His kingdom.Few are the elect. Because most take John 3:16 out of context, they create a sense of false assurance.  (Back to Matt: 7.14) Jesus says, “and difficult is the way which leads to life.” (heaven) False assurance dismisses obedience and accountability. Yes, one is saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, but if one’s foundation lack obedience to Jesus, then his Christian walk isn’t difficult and is detrimentally flawed.What is being taught, promoted, endorsed and sold is the Confess, believe and receive gospel.  Most who go through this ritual acknowledged having believed in God prior to answering the call. This trendy initial coming to Jesus phenomenon is very appealing to our real emotions. But one will discover soon after one’s confession, that they lack the power of the Holy Spirit towards a spiritual cleansing or transformation. This occurs because when we go through the initial confession to be saved. Are we choosing Jesus or is He choosing us? If Jesus isn’t choosing us at the time of our confession or request to be saved, then we will not experience the rebirth through the Holy Spirit. We will not be ‘born again’. When the Lord knows that we are desperately seeking to repent (discard our sinful mindset) He will call upon us to follow Him. We are not created or privileged to know if or when this will occur. (Example: Saul the zealous Pharisee on the road to Damascus) Yes, you will physically and humbly enact the...

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