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Timeline of the Bible and World History Events

Timeline of The Bible and World History Events

Timeline of The Bible and World History Events

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Biblical Events c. 2000 Birth of Abraham, father of the Jews c. 2000-1500 Book of Job, possibly the oldest book, is written c .1500-1400 Stone tablets given to Moses at the top of Mount Sinai c .1000 David is king of Israel; Israel begins to record its history c .955 King David capture Jerusalem c .722 Capital of northern kingdom of Israel falls to Assyrians; Israelites are dispersed c .621 Book of the Law is discovered in the Jerusalem temple c. 587-586 Jerusalem temple destroyed; Israelites taken captive to Babylon, where they turn to their sacred writings c. 539 Cyrus the Great of Persia defeats Babylonians and later allows Jews to return to Jerusalem c .250 Today’s Old Testament translated into Greek c. 200 Seleucids take over Palestine c. 167 Judas Maccabeus leads revolt against Seleucid rule c.164 Rededication of temple c. 140 Essenes found community at Qumran c. 40 Herod the Great appointed King of Judea 6-4 Birth of Jesus 30 Ministry of Jesus, later preserved in Gospels 50 Paul writes first letter to Thessalonians, probably first book of New Testament to be written 69 Mark writes his Gospel 70 Romans destroy Jerusalem temple 100 Old Testament finalized, most New Testament books complete 100-400 Lists of New Testament books in church fathers; variety in book order continues 132-35 Simon bar Kokba leads revolt against Rome: extensive dispersion of Jews 200 Jewish oral law, Mishnah, first written down 245 Origen compiles Hexapla 350 Ulfilas creates Gothic alphabet and begins Bible translation 367 First known listing of 27 New Testament books 382 New Testament is translated from its original Greek into Latin 386 Conversion of Augustine of Hippo 405 Jerome translates Bible into Latin, which becomes church standard for centuries 500 Bible has been translated into over 12 languages 600 Catholic Church restricts Bible to only Latin (under threat of execution) 775 Book of Kells completed in Ireland 796 Alcuin perfects Carolingian miniscule 865 Cyril and Methodius translate Bible into Slavic 900 Bible stories acted out in church plays 995 Anglo-Saxon translations of The New Testament produced 1205 Present system of chapter divisions added 1209 Francis of Assisi gets pope’s approval for his new order 1229 Council of bishops decrees...

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