Acknowledging the Essence of Biblical Truth

CEO of IamFaithful

zoo iamfaithful items and other photos 067When I started writing “Faithful A Whisper of Matthew to Me” I honestly couldn’t fathom why the story was given to me. Initially it was quite intimidating taking on such a genuine task. But as I began to write, I experienced the splendor of Jesus and just coexisting with Him was greater than honorable. I always had a passion for communicating through writing or oratory communion, but no more than my passion for humanity, especially our youth, and, of course my family, friendship which extends decades. Along with music and the instruments, that I have been blessed to explore, and the passion which I have in God’s glorious creation, that I often, but regrettably take for granted.

Maybe from the list above or even one thing from the list of my passions is why our glorious God selected ordinary me to write this book. God is infinite and filled with clarity; I’m seriously finite and full of maybes. I’m ever so grateful to be His vessel. For without God, I have no words for myself or others to cherish, unless I am in obedience with
His perfect will. But rest assured, that obedience requires me to submit and to be faithful.