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Iamfaithful is an International Christian website.


Our Mission is to offer others the opportunity to obtain or expand their biblical knowledge. Iamfaithful has full intentions and commitment towards accurate, descriptive, biblical sounded  information, via on site information or references to other comprehensible Christian sites.

The Chief Executive Officer of Iamfaithful is Jeffrey Snow. Jeff is the author of Faithful A Whisper of Matthew to Me. The book takes an in depth look into the gospel of Matthew that includes historical and current events which coincides with the depicted scriptures. The book is currently on sale for a discounted price along with other Iamfaithful merchandise.

About the team: Iamfaithful is blessed with a talented, youthful, yet wise support team. They are honored to be a service to you, using their talents to glorify God. They will be constantly looking to update and create tools to enrich your biblical mind, body and spirit. I am grateful to have, Marcus, Meloraine, Red, Roy, Theresa, and Orlando available to further assist you.


Browse the Categories and Blogs:   You will discover a rich variety of Christian topics, Christian messages by creditable pastors, authors,  blog writers, etc. Our goal is to provide a variety of info to enhance, enlighten and excite our visitors. Please leave feedback/comments. Iamfaithful fully values your feedback and will use the feedback to better serve our visitors/customers/friends.

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Recent Iamfaithful Team Members:  Iamfaithul would like to welcome two new members to our team, Marcus Behrens and Orlando Fasiapule Kaufusi. Marcus is a talented writer of spreading the Gospel and also a talented recording artist for the Lord. Check out his staff bio page where you can sample 5 of his praise songs. Orlando has a passion for spreading the gospel. He reminds me of a Christian pied piper. He just seems to draw others to his commitment to truth and kindness. I pray that I can have brother Orlando moderate the Iamfaithful Forum section. Whatever God has plan for Him, I know it will be a blessing to others. To know more about Marcus, Orlando and our talented Web team, please visit our Staff page.  Thank You. And God Bless.