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Timeline of The Bible and World History Events

Timeline of The Bible and World History Events

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Biblical Events

c. 2000 Birth of Abraham, father of the Jews
c. 2000-1500 Book of Job, possibly the oldest book, is written
c .1500-1400 Stone tablets given to Moses at the top of Mount Sinai
c .1000 David is king of Israel; Israel begins to record its history
c .955 King David capture Jerusalem
c .722 Capital of northern kingdom of Israel falls to Assyrians; Israelites are dispersed
c .621 Book of the Law is discovered in the Jerusalem temple
c. 587-586 Jerusalem temple destroyed; Israelites taken captive to Babylon, where they turn to their sacred writings
c. 539 Cyrus the Great of Persia defeats Babylonians and later allows Jews to return to Jerusalem
c .250 Today’s Old Testament translated into Greek
c. 200 Seleucids take over Palestine
c. 167 Judas Maccabeus leads revolt against Seleucid rule
c.164 Rededication of temple
c. 140 Essenes found community at Qumran
c. 40 Herod the Great appointed King of Judea
6-4 Birth of Jesus
30 Ministry of Jesus, later preserved in Gospels
50 Paul writes first letter to Thessalonians, probably first book of New Testament to be written
69 Mark writes his Gospel
70 Romans destroy Jerusalem temple
100 Old Testament finalized, most New Testament books complete
100-400 Lists of New Testament books in church fathers; variety in book order continues
132-35 Simon bar Kokba leads revolt against Rome: extensive dispersion of Jews
200 Jewish oral law, Mishnah, first written down
245 Origen compiles Hexapla
350 Ulfilas creates Gothic alphabet and begins Bible translation
367 First known listing of 27 New Testament books
382 New Testament is translated from its original Greek into Latin
386 Conversion of Augustine of Hippo
405 Jerome translates Bible into Latin, which becomes church standard for centuries
500 Bible has been translated into over 12 languages
600 Catholic Church restricts Bible to only Latin (under threat of execution)
775 Book of Kells completed in Ireland
796 Alcuin perfects Carolingian miniscule
865 Cyril and Methodius translate Bible into Slavic
900 Bible stories acted out in church plays
995 Anglo-Saxon translations of The New Testament produced
1205 Present system of chapter divisions added
1209 Francis of Assisi gets pope’s approval for his new order
1229 Council of bishops decrees that only members of clergy may own a Bible
1382 John Wycliffe’s followers produce first English Bible
1455 Gutenberg invents movable type, making first printed Bible
1516 Erasmus publishes his Greek New Testament
1517 Martin Luther starts Protestant movement
1555 Robert Estienne publishes Bible with chapter and verse divisions
1611 King James Version published
1663 John Eliot publishes first complete Bible to be printed in North America
1838 First survey of biblical sites: beginnings of archaeology
1877 First complete one-volume Bible in Russian
1946 Discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls
1973 The New International Version is published

World History

c. 2500 Egyptians build Sphinx and Great Pyramid at Giza
c. 2400 Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh, the world’s first great poetic work, is written down
c. 2350 Sargon the Great of Akkad creates first empire in Mesopotamia
c. 2000 Start of Minoan civilization
c. 1750 Hammurabi founds Babylonian empire and creates law code
c. 1550 Aryans destroy Indus valley civilization and settle in North India
c. 1450 Beginnings of Indian literature (Vedas)
c. 1400 Hittites smelt and forge iron
c. 1193 Trojan War ends with capture of Troy
c. 1050-850 Phoenicians in Canaan develop the alphabet on which the Hebrew alphabet was soon based
c. 800-700 Greek alphabet begins to develop. Its first two letters, alpha and beta, give us the word alphabet
c.776 First Olympic games held in Greece
c 753 Traditional date of founding of Rome
c. 650 First coins produced in Asia Minor
c. 612 Sacking of Ninevah: Assyrian power collapses
c. 486 Death of Siddharta Bautama (Buddha)
c. 334 Alexander the Great of Macedon lands in Asia Minor and challenges power of Persia
c. 331 Ballt of Gaugamela: Alexander defeats Darius III and destroys Persian empire
c. 323 Ptolemy I gains control of Palestine following death of Alexander the Great
c. 221-204 Great Wall of China built
c. 146 Rome sacks Corinth: Greece comes under Roman control
c. 63 Romans under Pompey conquer Jerusalem
79 Mount Vesuvius erupts, destroying Pompeii, Italy
105 Chinese invent paper
117 Roman  empire reaches its greatest extent
220 Han dynasty ends: separation of China into three states
312 Roman emperor Constantine converts to Christianity
410 Visigoths under Alaric sack Rome
500 Mayan civilization flourishes in Guatemala
625 Muhammad begins his prophetic mission
641 Arabs invade Egypt and begin conquest of North Africa
732 Battle of Tours: Muslim invasion of Europe halted
800 Coronation of Charlemagne. Start of new Western (later Holy Roman) empire
882 Capital of Russia moved to Kiev
900 Chinese discover gun powder
979 Sung dynasty reunites China
1000 Leif Ericson reaches North America
1066 Battle of Hastings: Normans conquer England
1095 Proclamation of First Crusade by Pope Urban II
1100 First European universities founded at Bologna and Salerno
1150 Construction of Hindu temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia
1206 Mongols under Genghis Khan begin conquest of Asia
1239 Mongols conquer Russia
1275 Marco Polo reaches China
1244 Jerusalem falls to Muslims
1348 Black Death (bubonic plague) reaches Europe, killing one third of the population
1368 Ming dynasty founded in China
1453 Constantinople falls to the Ottoman Turks: end of Byzantine empire
1480 Ivan III liberates Russia from Mongol control
1492 Columbus sets sail for New World
1500 Start of Italian Renaissance
1505 Portuguese set up trading posts in east Africa
1519 Spanish begin conquest of Aztec empire



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